What our guests are saying about past retreats...

"You have a real talent for making people feel welcome. The love and enthusiasm for your work shows in everything you do... Although many of us were at completely different pilates ‘levels’, I never for one second felt like I was on a one-size-fits-all package holiday.
As regards the actual venue, I love, love, love it. The staff are really nice, the food was utterly delicious and I loved the fact that we were in a real village with the option to go into town whenever we liked. You and Kate took care of absolutely everything and although I wouldn’t have expected you to look after us, your thoughtfulness felt really nice and is hugely appreciated. 
And the group was lovely, too. I really enjoyed talking to so many different people who I would probably never have met in ‘real life’ and I actually feel like I’ve made new friends who I’m looking forward to seeing more of".       - Antje S.

"I had the most amazing week at Tigmi- I have actually spent some time trying to think of things that could make it even better, but I literally can't think of one! The hotel was incredible - great, attentive staff, beautiful accommodation and peaceful setting. Oh and amazing food - date ice cream, yum yum yum!
The classes were great. Again, stunning location. I was slightly apprehensive before going about how hard the classes would be and what you would expect, but I thought you managed the classes really well and scaled them so that there were options for all levels. I am now really missing not doing two hours of Pilates a day!
You seriously did go above and beyond what any of us expected (sorting out taxis, food, fires etc etc) and took care of absolutely everything which made our holiday even more relaxing and enjoyable. So a massive thank you!"       - Polly F. 

"It was fab!! I think that taking away a group of people who, for the most part, don't know each other is a challenge, but you made it really easy for everyone to get involved and feel relaxed from the very start which is no mean feat. Your positivity and sunny approach to whatever you were doing during the week, from organising taxis with ever-changing participants to leading us through the maze to Dar Cherifa, really stood out to me and I think make you the perfect person to run many more successful retreats.
I had a really great time. I loved Tigmi itself and thought that it was the perfect setting. The food, service and set up was excellent and made it easy to relax very quickly. I loved my room with a view of the mountains from my balcony... and I actually found that coming back to class in Bristol I felt a whole lot stronger and that was really exciting.
Thank you again so much for making it a really special week away - a pilates retreat in Morocco combined two of my big wishes and I certainly wasn't disappointed! "
- Amy G.

"The lessons were well planned and paced, with everyone's needs being taken in to consideration and personal attention given to each of us as needed and no pressure to push ourselves beyond our limits. You were able to deal simultaneously with a whole range of levels and issues in a very skilled but relaxed way that allowed us all to get the most out of the classes, with unfailing good humour and a sense of fun".
- Nancy R.

"If you need to get away and enjoy a week of Pilates in a setting that is beautiful, relaxing and nurturing, Emily's Pilates retreat is the place. Tigmi Hotel and Spa is stunning and I cannot fault anything about my experience there. So much so I am returning next March!"
- Julia S.